Friday, August 9, 2019


(122)  Pathik tumi ekakii ese

Traveler, all alone having arrived,
Jasmine falling at the end of night,
Seeing that my door was closed,
You had stood beside the road.

In sleep, my eyes up-rolled,
A bit I see, a bit I don't;
So on night's close, being dew-soaked,
At dawn, fading into formless, away You did go.

The juhi creeper on my gate,
To this day Your message it conveys;
Drops of dew ever to mop away,
Hoping for You, it stays awake.

At that time, if entrance I had opened;
In Your ear some words I'd have spoken;
To their tune on that late night in autumn,
Floating, we would have left together.

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