Friday, August 8, 2014

What's the buzz?

(72)  Maomachi gunguniye

The honeybees with their buzzing—
In the garden, what word do they spread?

In the colors and fragrance of earth,
And the copious rhythm of a tone,
Their tune was not lost in the desert.
Surrounded by their music, I keep threading garlands,
Filled with all the ambrosia of life.

The nectar concealed in flowers,
The aroma enveloping pollen,
The love stored in the core of my heart—
All these awakened, I go on singing,
Surpassing every string of the harp.

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  1. A song to the humble but ever-so-important bees. Let us recognize their unparalleled contribution to life, and do something for their preservation. The following link is from the UK, but the problem is global: