Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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(2922)  Mane chilo asha shudhu bhalabasa

Only love: In mind had been the hope;
More than this, not a bit did I crave.
With many hues and golden rays of light,
No pearl or heap of jewels did I seek.

Visits are the gist in this mundane life;
How little is the substance they can provide!
They come and leave upon the mirror of mind;
What once had been, the same went off a-sailing.

By that love the cosmos is firmly held;
Around You it is dancing forever.
A flow of compassion is steadily shed;
Of that one fleck please give to me, smiling.

Splendid gems and strings of gold;
Every one is baseless, an existential load.
Apotheosis, Master, is You alone;
Arriving with kindly eyes, behold me.

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