Thursday, March 24, 2022

As I can't go to You, to me You must come

(2212)  Man kere niyechis ghar chara karechis

Mind You have vanquished, home You've made give up;
What more You want from me, oh, say it please!
Everything I have offered, I've retained no surplus;
And yet, nonetheless, why don't You appear?

For You a threaded garland I have saved;
Kept in hand is a floral bouquet.
To You I go on calling night and day;
Hello, aren't You able to hear?

Anywhere and everywhere I keep hearing Your name;
Never do I hear a word of Your dwelling place.
If earlier I knew that, knew where You remain,
You too, on my way, oh, I was fetching.

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  1. You evicted and sent me out without proper information or even clear destination.