Sunday, March 6, 2022

Why was I so foolish?

(2198)  Tumi esecho bhalo besecho, sakaler mane mishe gecho

You have come, and You've held dear;
You've got mixed with everybody's psyche.
But the star of my sky, it is dark and gloomy,
For You are not with me.

To search for You I have gone on pilgrimage;
I've practiced vows, penance, and ablutions.
I sighted not anywhere, did not find even a hint;
You have grinned, seeing me constantly.

Descending, heaven's envoy has approached;
On the down low, in my ear he has told:
"That panacea will arrive at the very moment
When toward the mind-core you have peered."

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  1. When I knew Your location all along, why did I look for You in many wrong places?