Tuesday, March 15, 2022

God is my own

(2203)  Tomare khunjechi, tiirthe marute

Yourself have I sought
In wilderness at places holy,
In the mountain-caves hard to reach.
I found not anywhere, I got no satisfaction;
Weariness has it brought, with despondency.

For everyone, You're the man who is their own,
More intimate even than the soul.
For that cherished kinsman, for that bosom buddy,
I have searched in solitary;
My mistake had been in respect to understanding.

My Own Man, nearby will You be residing;
You will wipe away affliction's tears.
In concert with my smiles will You mingle beams;
With light-rays You'll dismiss obscurity.
Awareness has arrived, my blunder is breaking;
I've realized You have dwelt in the psyche.

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