Sunday, March 6, 2022

Our connectivity

(2196)  Ami tomar tare kichu kari ni

For You I did not do a bit;
For me You have done everything.
Upon Your effulgence, sable I have spilled;
Darkness removing, You have brought light-beams.

With fruits and blooms, the plants You've filled,
But those same fruits and flowers I have repealed.
With two hands, You've endowed, I've accepted;
Notwithstanding, You have gone on giving.

Knowledge You have given, and understanding;
The route You have given, and cash for traveling.
By Your wealth, myself, having been enriched,
I have taken You for granted;
You have kept watching, and You've laughed tenderly.

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  1. We call it grace, we call it mercy; if it is not greed, then a total dependency.