Monday, March 28, 2022

Have I been duped?

(2216)  Kata dekechi kata kendechi

So much have I called, so much have I wailed;
But close came You not, hey my Darling.
Tales I've told, misery I've proclaimed;
At some stage, the night's turned to morning.

With me has stayed just one complaint;
You are mine, but Your touch I do not find.
You are so remote, on far shore of some ocean;
With a string of flowers, how do I bind Thee?

Master, make no more deception playful;
To compete with You, am I ever able?
I simply love– for Your sake I weep, I laugh;
Dazzled I remain in contemplation of Thee.

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  1. I know You're mine, but my arms don't stretch far or wide enough to hold You.