Wednesday, April 21, 2021

As soon as I've wanted You

(1893)  Loke bale tumi dekha dao na

People say that Yourself You don't reveal;
If that's so, what's the purpose that You came?
People say that to logic You don't heed;
If so, nectar drops after what takes place?

As soon as I've asked for You, oh Beloved...
Kindly take and make me Yours, I've told...
At once You have heard and come close;
Grace emanates in torrents.

I am very small, while You are gigantic...
You are the Great, while I am bound by limitation...
At Your touch, verily my filth is rid;
In the mind, a flower blooms at each layer.

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  1. What people say is not the truth... or maybe they don't reckon on love.