Monday, April 12, 2021

He befuddles us

(1889)  Bhule jete jata cai

To keep forgetting, as much as I want,
To forget, why can't I?
To people I tell: You are euphoria,
A drunkenness that on my own I don't put aside.

For honey's intoxication comes the bumblebee;
On crimson's spellbinding realm the blossom beams.
The moon's heady magic flows like a tsunami;
To this picture, I don't turn a blind eye.

Drunken with the sun, Planet Earth does reel;
Drunken with the image, psyche gets replete.
Inebriated gets the heart that is overflowing;
This same thing, Lord, is Your enterprise.

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  1. In one direction or the other - maybe both - perforce, like alcoholics we get drunk.