Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Finally I've paid the price

(1884)  Dur akasheri apsara

You're the nymph divine of sky afar...
Colored wings and crimson scarf,
Flew in today, rejoicing heart.

Whose pain at any place, whatever intimate secret...
Whoso laments bitterly, racked by suppressed grief...
Where the balm to apply and the misery to fling,
Full of love, You know the inner sphere.
Upon sorrow You cry, and on crowning You beam;
But You traverse not a path that's rigid.

I have wanted You at a flower-garden;
I've received You in a mind grief-stricken.
I've entreated You with articles of worship;
I had gotten You when totally impoverished.

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  1. And though my all I did give, there's nothing that I miss.