Tuesday, April 6, 2021

He is not my enemy; the enemy is my conceit

(1883)  Tomare bhuliya gechi taruvar

Oh great Banyan Tree, I have kept forgetting Thee;
But as Your tiny blossom, I am not forgotten.
I saw You not within the pond of psyche;
Inside the riverstream, I find Your soothing sweetness.

I am just a tiny jot, and You are the nebula;
In You only is created these seven worlds.[1]
The puny says that like a shudra I observe:
He is our lampstand; hence we get effulgence.

Conflagration resides in the spark that is slight;
In the tiny drop of water dwells a dragon-fire.[2]
After pain is given to the minuscule mind,
There is no other cure except for His adoration.

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  1. In my self-absorption I've become quite obtuse. But there's no way to go past pain unless I really love You.