Tuesday, June 11, 2024

By Your sweet mercy

(3034)  Bhuloke dyuloke tomar pulake

In realms worldly and divine, at Your delight,
A speck of mercy goes a-floating;
It goes floating, and it goes on floating.
A new moon, twixt moonlight and thirst of deer,
Between the dew and snow it's flashing.

At times by enticement, at times by enterprise,
At times on stream of tears, at times on a smile,
Having made to race in dance frenzy-wild,
It makes one swoon, orbiting Infinity.

Splendor mid the gloom, refuge of the helpless;
In a heart pain-stricken, love's ascertainment.
In pleasure a sweet memory, in woe forgetfulness,
Having brought unto Earth ambrosia aplenty.

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