Thursday, May 14, 2015


(284)  Eso phire abar phire

Come back, come back again.
Fill our heart;
Light our lifelamp.
Adorn our path with exquisite flowers.

Anticipating Your arrival,
We now await.
We'll count the time, moment by moment,
Till once again we shall sing with Thee.

This happy memory on the canvas of our mind,
It will endure, ever bright.

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  1. This song has a history. Baba was scheduled to leave Ranchi for Kolkata on the following day. On behalf of the margiis from Ranchi, Dr. Amar Nath Chakravarty, Baba's attendant during the medical operations, requested a song that would ask Baba to return soon. Baba gave this song on the spot. After singing the song, Baba said it is a farmaishi song, a song composed on request. As such, Baba stated that the song may not be included in the collection of Prabhat Samgiita. On the subsequent pleading of the margiis, Baba accepted this song as part of the collection.