Sunday, July 9, 2023

My ego is but a pretense

(2698)  Vajrer humkare jharecho ulkadhare

With thunderous roar You've discharged a stream of shooting stars;
Hey Rudra through tandava such is Your introduction!
Casting lightning-proclamation, bringing it to eyelids,
On wakening of consciousness, an abstract benediction.[1]

You dance onward in the style of intractable staff raised;[2]
Water, land, and outer space, in all You stir a quake.
Having poured a heap of ashes on the fire of sin, You declare:
"Know the force of wickedness comes to same conclusion."

You accept no restriction, to You everything is known;
Who has how much power, that also is not unknown.
On account of me, diverse offerings are posed;
You tell me: Never think my mind will be victorious.

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  1. I know You control me; You are my everything in the end.