Sunday, July 30, 2023

Naught is lost

(2711)  Chande gane sure ele mana madhupure

With cadence, lyrics, tune, You entered mind's sweet residence;
With the bliss of attainment, You made life replete.
Unseen and blemish-free, a gratifying cognitive intuition,
To all of my gladness, distress, and fatigue, You paid heed.

Like a river, rhythmically the lyrics go ahead;
Toward the Great Ocean they rush in waves unobstructed.
With a message of novelty, obsolete having cleansed,
On both the sky and air, they raise life's sweet melody.

On this vast stellar sky, everything has persisted;
What was once, that exists– even the lost song drifts.
I am seated, listening, hoping to hear that hymn
From star-studded space, whose presence for me has ceased.

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  1. I know You will return for me; I know You will requite my love.