Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Living the dream

(1292)  Akash ghiriya ache ksudra dharake

Sky is enclosing the diminutive Earth;
Although the Earth be tiny, it is not at all trifling.
Inside of the ocean, many are the drops of water;
Taking them together is acquaintance with the sea.

The flower bud, the grain of sand,
Who thinks of them, fallen upon side of path?
They alone have composed Earth, diffusing dreamy fragrance;
Having been their role, they remain perpetual.

With scope for freshness in the history of novelty,
We will go on creating within amity's periphery.
Those who go on making, and those who've left after making–
Their private thoughts in mute mouths are loaded with honey.

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  1. There are yet great works to be done. Speak less, and do more... embrace the cosmic family.