Friday, April 19, 2019

For whose sake?

(1309)  Meghera kena niice nebe ase

Why do the clouds descend
To get the touch of Himalayas?
Why are sky and wind both full of sweetness?
Which celestial nymph came to dress and embellish?

The tall, white mountain-peaks,
They summon whom, gazing aloft?
With its green harvest on fruit-trees,
A smiling woodland has endowed which ones?
In this environment, obsessed with Whom,
Has everyone arisen, feverish and glued?

Oh Sculptor of the far-flung universe,
This sublime beauty and fragrance serves what purpose?
For whose benefit have You lavished it,
Whose heart to capture and make off with?

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  1. Such grandeur must have been made with a view to please someone.