Saturday, April 27, 2019

A private affair

(1318)  Mor manera gahane

In the depths of my psyche,
Come into the mind secretly.
A flower bud am I, soft and sweet;
Carefully, I've stored my honey.

Windstorm-gales aplenty,
They've blown over me;
Even so, I could not be breached.
I've kept on clinging to Thee,
At the heart of my psyche,
Privately, very privately.

Come in dance, come in music-strain;
Come in resin, come in candle-flame.
Come in monsoon's screwpine canopy;
Come like butter on the kadam tree.
My existence having steeped,
In dream, pleasant and enchanting,
Vibrant with ample kindness, please appear.

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  1. One's relationship with God is not for public consumption.