Saturday, April 20, 2019

And so it happens

(1311)  Mahakash pete cay matir parash

Vast sky wants to touch the earth,
And Earth wants to get the blue azure,
The blue azure, the blue azure.
Supreme Consciousness loves the particle,
And the particle loves that Consciousness,
That Consciousness, that Consciousness.

Age after age, the love twixt tiny and enormous,
Every minute, every second, in both form and color,
It had been, it is now, and it will go on staying forever...
In history and in the hint of beauty in a budding heart,
In a budding heart, in a budding heart.

The ties of love, they have abided,
So the distance gets demolished;
Please come near, come near, Master...
I wish to see You every single moment,
Every single moment, every single moment.

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