Friday, April 26, 2019


(1316)  Kar tare tumi base base kando

For whose sake do you always sit and cry?
Who is it that you think of day and night?
Who's the mind-thief that's snatched away
The spate of laughter from your face?

To the side is fallen jasmine garland;
It's no longer gracing your chignon.
Delight's nectar, where's it gone?
From two wide eyes it has withdrawn.
Do tell His story, a hymn to His glory;
Let that history be revealed.

Life's vessel, it's full of both fruits and flowers;
Why then do you ramble in such shabby manner?
To this day what Krsna in your mind's Gokul[1]
Walks about, having played a magic flute?

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  1. Have you lost the zest for life, or have you recognized life's true enterprise?