Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Only a pit stop on the greater journey

(1927)  Kena sajal cokhe ceye acho

Eyes wet, why are you staring?
Mop away the tears, mop away the tears.
Why have you gone around, rain falling untimely;
Heed my words: What had come about; do say please!

Upon just a sky, azure-blue and temperate,
Flights of geese glide afar to farther still.
Neither do those geese cry nor quake with fear;
In this My goose, in her, who infused grief?

Into many lifetimes comes a gusty rainstorm;
Many a tranquil nest, it does sail off.
But on sky having relied, you be firmly confident;
Go ahead boldly toward the nest everlasting.

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  1. Death is not to be dreaded; it is like a cozy bed on a winter's night. So when the time of death is nigh, never fear, but welcome it.