Saturday, June 12, 2021

To what effect His advent?

(1931)  Phaguner upavane maner gahan kone

In a springtime garden, at a remote psychic niche,
With which hope a fire You ignited?
Not a thing did You desire,
But not tiny was what's left behind...
And not a thing You told, even by hint.

To a smiling palash arbor You'd come with loving geste.
And neath silk-cotton trees they had peered a-frequent,
Mango buds, both eyes trained in Your direction...
Into the air You infused imagination.

Oh the Unknown Traveler, You are never unfamiliar;
In a lonely niche of mind, You reside, forced to go often.
To find You, I fly up to the sky, wings outspread;
Your not wanting to be close, I look to the heavens.

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