Monday, June 21, 2021

In this world we are touched by the Supreme

(1941)  Ruper sagare bhasiya calechi

In an ocean of form I've gone swimming
Hoping for Your formless touch...
Like a bee of mind neath that spell of love
Who has risen frenzied on this spring month.

The stripe of form You have started sketching,
Inside that Your life You have been infusing.
In form there is life, in life there is form;
To one who drifts in the world, this truth is the core.

The world of form, it comes with both light and shade;
In that only is the tiny, in that only is the great.
Bound to just that are wrong and right;
The heavens float on that mind-sky.

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  1. We need not worry that our hands get dirty; we need only keep our mind clean.