Thursday, September 7, 2017


(820)  Tumi na dakitei ele amara ghare

Without my invite, You entered my home...
What kind of love is this, what kind of love?
Without my saying a word, to me You spoke...
What is this surreal affection, this surreal affection?

My despondent heart had plunged into disrepair;
Repeatedly the night found me in a baffled state.
Now my quenched thirst smiles with contentment;
After long, You arrived, borne on flower pollen.

Speak up, maybe I don't merit this Your pity;
But why did You make such a huge deceit?
Pray tell, do You love me or do You not...
Why did You stay far away, with what were You displeased...
Say how You were dissatisfied, what was Your disaffection?

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  1. Is the singer cranky or just plucking petals... happy to have Him near but wanting explanation.