Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Together forever

(15)  Jeona jeona ogo bandhu

Do not leave, do not leave, oh Loving Friend;
For Your sake without sleep am I constantly.
You exist, and so the dwellers of Your cosmos be;
Everybody, one and all, we're in love with Thee.

These light rays and these shadows, these gusts of wind,
On blue with spangles woven is the vast firmament.
To Your melody, to Your beat, everyone is dancing;
For Your love and affection, everyone is praying.
Don't neglect, don't neglect, oh Loving Friend;
Having come near, go on laughing with Your smile sweet.

The laughter and the songs, the brilliant splendor;
Full of pleasant contemplation is the very heaven.
Rhythmically rapt with Your name are all of them;
Only with You they convey the inmost thoughts.
Don't discard, don't discard, oh Loving Friend;
Let this floral bouquet get Your animating touch.

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