Monday, September 4, 2017

Down to earth

(11)  Nacer tale egiye cale

With the rhythm of dance it proceeds,
This reddish-colored earth.
Know that it's not clay only;
Lo, it is my mother.

In paddy fields on the rice-spikes
Arises a golden light;
Men of the land deem that to be
The purest gold indeed...
The earth, it is my mother.

The stars and sky, the floral scent,
Water and air, sweetly pleasant;
Along with these abides for me
The soil, so eye-pleasing...
The earth, it is my mother.

My Friend, if You do hold me dear,
This very day, please come near;
By Your grace, we will create
True human beings for real...
The earth, it is my mother.

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  1. Trustworthy people have their feet planted firmly on the ground.