Wednesday, September 13, 2017


(824)  Nayana bhariya dekhivare cai

I want to see, filling my eyes with Thee;
But out of fear and shame, I do not gaze.
I want to live, holding Your lotus feet;
But hesitant, to hang on I don't attain.

In days gone by, on my dark nights,
You used to place Your hand in mine.
I'd strike out on tracks most hard to pass;
But You'd come with... I cannot forget that.

Passed me by are many days;
So many years have slipped away.
Many stars in the heavens,
Untimely have they fallen.
But the age-old memory of Your love divine,
Even now, unfaded it abides.
The memory of what I'm missing, the eternal song,
That I would safeguard in the core of my heart.

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