Thursday, September 21, 2017

I could live with that

(830)  Tumi jadi jagatjora

If to the world You are coupled,
Am I out of Your universe?
If You are suffering's overthrow,
Why am I so full of sorrow?

I don't want worldly pleasure, what I want is peace;
No boon is granted if such mercy I receive.
I need but a tiny hut in which to lay my head...
A garland of pearls I don't request,
But I reject a pent-up prison cell.

You are great, and I am small;
A flake of snow am I, and You are my Destroyer.
If my body You were to touch,
I'd start to melt as if I'm water;
I wish Earth to be colorful.

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  1. The relationship between devotee and Master is both simple and complex.