Sunday, September 10, 2017

True worth

(821)  Tumi amare bhalobese

Lord, by loving me
You have honored me.
Certainly, judiciously, You do not look;
For I am but the equal to a grain of soot.

In Your flower garden, there am I
A mite of pollen, a seed vessel inside.
You are more gigantic than the huge;
While I am just an atom in a molecule.
By fetters of attribute am I constrained;
Beyond attribute, You are the most noble and great.

I am but the tiny glow of a firefly;
You are the tremendous sun in the far-flung sky.
I am the soft jingle of ankle bells;
You are the call clarion of bugles.
I drift amid the splendors of Your body;
Beyond the limits of body, You reign supreme.

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