Wednesday, May 8, 2019


(1327)  Tumi na bale esechile

You had arrived, unbidden;
Today, unbidden You departed.
I had been sprawled in street-dust,
But You did lift me up.

My garments had been ripped and ragged;
Not a morsel to eat had I, or discrimination.
Everything You gave me; everything You taught.

I'd not comprehended human jurisdiction;
To attain You, I'd not made an effort.
Sadhana You taught me, and You gave success.

I'd not found the stature of a human;
My terrain was wet and caustic.
You made honey pour from me, made me articulate;
You raised me up onto Your lap.

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  1. Dwelling on the street was I, unfortunate and penniless, lacking sense and wherewithal to call a cab. Unbidden, He did come to pick me up. He drove me home; and then He left, not waiting to be paid.