Friday, May 31, 2019


(1349)  Prabhater alo kar tare dhalo

For whom do You pour the morning light?
Who is that saint, the one who wiped Your mind?
Asleep or awake, on Your face a smile bright,
By whose attraction is this life crimson-dyed?

In Your divine paradise, what is not a delight?
Did not parijata's splendor win Your mind?
Even with all that's there, You became unsatisfied;
A retinue's sympathetic resonance You desire.

For respite You don't get an opportunity;
With unit and composite links, cosmos is replete.
You are made happy, You are revered;
But still in unit psyche, You are hard to reach.

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  1. We lose our mind for Him... does He lose His mind for us?