Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Once and future dream

(1346)  Snigdha sajal meghakajjal tithite

On auspicious day, rainclouds dark and cool
Had been witnessed along with You,
On jasmine-lined avenue.

On Your feet had been ringing
Anklets of a hundred suns,
While in my hands a puny lamp-flame was.
In Your eyes was a blooming
Giant tree, very sweet;
On my eyes a tear-cascade was traced.
There was nobody twixt You and me;
It was a wedding of small and Great.

You'd arrived at a cheery, smiling gait
With fragrance of pollen;
While I had moved with trembling heart,
Sensation of a strange place.
Since then I am forgetting,
When oh when was the day I'd been
In the state of perfect knowledge?

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  1. He gives us a glimpse of reality so we may strive for it permanently.