Tuesday, May 7, 2019

He brings light

(1325)  Tamasar nisha dure sare geche

The night of darkness has receded greatly,
Golden light-rays, they have been cascading.
Underneath Your shelter, at Your feet,
Life arises, hey Divine One!
You give answers, You break prisons;
You make everybody bathe in splendor.

After long awaiting, finally You came;
And every sin You sent far away.
All the gloom, You erased;
In mind's core You stirred dharmic attraction.

Unbeknownst, age after age had passed,
Stuck in dogma, time and again.
At Your touch, it vanished in an instant;
Love's flood set that dogma adrift.

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  1. With love's rationality He breaks us out of dogma's prison.