Friday, July 10, 2020

A flute of bamboo

(1635)  Dakhina pavane anamane

Under a southern breeze, absentmindedly,
For You only, I had strung a garland, my Dear.
By a window, murmuring,
Bumblebees had amassed, tier after tier.

Mind had gone off floating to some remote site;
Like a spore of screwpine at the tune of bamboo pipe.
Myself forgetting on a love-stream overflowing,
In my heart's deep, I have searched for Thee.

So many days have passed; the time, it has flown...
Upon psyche's looking glass, images aplenty have rode.
With form and color, they've all granted their embrace,
Hey Elixir of Ambrosia, undying always.

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