Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Great Benefactor

(1640)  Arup theke tumi rupe esecho

From the formless You have come into form;
All beauty have You outpoured.
You've deferred to sweet, enchanting thought;
With tethers of love have You bound everyone.

Heavenly handsome, You are the Abiding Patron,
My love's Most Beloved, Ocean of Ambrosia.
Beyond the imagination, You have come in ideation;
With all its virtues the universe You have stuffed.

Yourself I do contemplate in a mute astonishment,
But with words articulate I would hold You captive.
You transcend voice and mind and sensory experience;
Is that why at heart's core accommodation You have taken?

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  1. He resists any known limitation but yet listens to words of love.