Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Descending and transcending

(1626)  Bhalo basiyachi tomakei ami

I am cherishing You only,
In both name and form, and also in formless.
Churning the sweetness of psyche,
I have been a decoration to love's altar.

In Your proximity there is nothing I desire...
It's as if Your luster drifts in the mind all the time.
Like the spring wind on a smiling blue sky,
With me You keep satisfied.

Hey the Ocean of Ambrosia, I exist in You only...
Diffused in Your being I have been amalgamated.
Of this fondness, of this yearning for salvation,
The Supreme Desideratum, Lord, it is in Thee.

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  1. In Him in me in Him... diving deep, I go beyond. Only the Lord pleases me, and perhaps I also please Him.