Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Echos of the ocean

(1638)  Sindhura ranane shukti anvesane

Having searched in oyster shells for echo of ocean,
That acquaintance had come after intoning of songs.
Waves frolic in the midst of cadence,
And in the heart a hope of getting You awakens.

Underneath the moon's light, Earth had become bright,
The clouds smiling, together with a sandy coastline.
We had been seated near, but perhaps I was not there,
After observing You on the time-stream everlasting.

Having gone to think on You, my I-feeling does not last;
Life and death, they turn into an unbroken sadhana.
Tied am I by cords of love, by beat and tune of eternity,
My sorrow and happiness, interconnected with Thee.

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