Thursday, July 9, 2020

Noumenon and phenomenon

(1634)  Madhura carane anupa ranane

With sweet feet, matchless in sonority,
On a gentle wind, oh Who did appear,
Oh You Who appeared, oh Who did appear?
On light-sleep's placidity at psyche's depths,
Like a pearl necklace You bedecked.

On Your contact, the south wind gets rapt,
At Your pleasure, nectar is entranced.
Preserved is that rumbling, Mohan's[1] echoing,
Upon life's golden beach.

The bud soundly sleeping arose blossoming;
Exuding was the honey, once petal-concealed.
With the touch of love, existence got filled...
On blue firmament, soul's ornamental girdle.

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  1. The whole universe He adores and adorns. Is it any wonder that He is loved by everyone?