Monday, July 20, 2020

Making all the difference

(1645)  Kon andhar nishiithe alodhara sathe

On which gloomy night, together with a stream of light,
Had You arrived, my most Beloved?
Sleep-deprived and grief-submerged,
Like twining vine had I been churned.

There was none for me to see,
Sweet inspiration pulling near.
There'd been no accomplishment, no effort to achieve;
Yet You were there, unaccompanied, oh my Peerless One.

The dark night has retreated far away,
But till now I have not forgot that tale of lunar day.
Each moment, in recollection's interstitial space,
That same story, it peeks out in my psyche.

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  1. Is the important fact that You arrived or that You came with stream of light?