Friday, February 19, 2021

It's the dawn of a new day

(1846)  Nivira nishiitha shese

At finish of a thick night,
A purple dawn, having smiled,
He arrived, oh He arrived!
Lengthy penance removed, the dark moon,
It withdrew, getting crimson-dyed.

No more is there fear or dread;
The aim of Creation is not distinction among men.
Dressed in light today, our job is just to progress;
The newly risen sun, it appropriated mind!

Oh friend, sleep no more; see with eyes opened wide.
Illusion's web of olden times, rip off and cast aside.
Everyone taking along, honey of amity coated by,
On this day the Unknown One, He complied!

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  1. After many lifetimes praying for His grace, finally on this day He granted embrace.