Saturday, February 27, 2021

In loco parentis

(1854)  Ami parager rage naci go

Oh I dance with the passion of a pollen spore,
And to the petals I do give a tremor.
With Your love in absence of anklet-jangle,
Long-tongued am I become.

Heavenly summons having given, You then leave;
From upon the skyblue You entice me.
In creation-stasis-dissolution, You go on dancing;
Yet I sing apropos of Your ambrosial essence.

I'm a tiny flower-dust-mote, floating on sunlight;
While You, Lord Krsna,[1] You play the bamboo pipe.
Forgetting You, I had been stupefied;
Now on Your path I run along.

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  1. In His physical absence we may want to stand in His place, but toward Him ever we must race.