Friday, February 5, 2021

Joie de vivre

(1832)  Kishalay ami marme marme

A tender leaf am I at innermost heart;
A song of newness do I sing.
I am a blue lotus sporting with darkness,
While to the crimson dawn I keep calling.[1]

Surging am I with a vigor billowing,
In bloodstream very much frolicking.[2]
All exploration, all inclination,
Being thrust upward do I wish.

Who is an other, who is my own, that I don't fathom;
At the core of humanism I don't recognize distinction.
Enraptured and ecstatic in a dance full of passion,
Having sought I discover only the One.

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  1. Everything is copacetic. Amid the light and shade there lurks an overarching, underlying, singular perfection.