Monday, February 1, 2021

He does not like to see you cry

(1828)  Acin desher megh bale gelo

A cloud from some unknown country went on saying:
To your house that Sweetheart will be coming.
You, having wrapped a colored scarf around psyche,
Will arrange the wicker tray[1] for His welcoming.

Could it be that your night, it has come to an end?
Perhaps with the dawn bright circumstances attend.
Wipe Your eyes; in fresh clothing get dressed up...
At your home novelty's luster you will be receiving.

Fair-eyed maiden, the pain of ancient times gets forgotten;
Cry out for the new with a modern imagination.
Tales from nightmares, do not think, do not think about them;
With a smiling face, once again You will be pleasing.

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  1. Rest assured that He loves you, and so your future must be bright.