Friday, February 5, 2021

In misery's ocean

(1833)  Ekela ese shudhale hese hese

Alone You came and inquired, ever smiling,
"Having loved Me, how are you?
Neath a hurricane's high wind, fallen has the tree;
Of its mental anguish what have you understood?

"Ghee and wick exist, but the flame has been extinguished;
Rain's softness remains, but dropped have the kadam flowers.
You are still alive; the sweetness has persevered...
And the pain of hurricane you have understood.

"Your loving Me, and with Me coming to keep vigil,
Smiling mid the sea of pain, a house of bondage...
I am in company, with this same certainty,
Have you managed to appraise the value of misfortune?"

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  1. Know always that what He gives is only for the welfare of everyone.