Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Knowledge is no substitute for witnessing

(1831)  Kena hese hese dure sare jao

Laughing, laughing many times, why go far away?
Making cry, what happiness You derive, do say!
Oh the Lively Moonlight, Earth's ground surface
By dark cloud, why let it get draped?

Your intrinsic nature, I have come to know;
You keep making sport in a huff or out of ego.
Don't You see me waiting, tugged in directions both;
Having set a test, You then want to go?

Even though Your nature attentively I perceive,
To perceive Your true form, only grace I beseech.
Reliant on just that, even now I am surviving;
With eyes of compassion, when do You gaze at me?

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  1. Perhaps I know Who and What You are, but it's just You I want to see... and to see me.