Thursday, January 14, 2016

Our secret

(424)  Gopane gopane eso go nayane

Lord, within my eyes come secretly—
No one will observe, no one will know.
Let me hold You in a dream;
There'll be no harm should You do so.

Since time immemorial, I know You are a wayfarer;
So I beg You to make a stop for a while.
Should You choose to stay, then rest assured
In my heart I've reserved a seat for Thee.
With Your touch upon my heart,
No filth whatsoever will persist.

Since time immemorial, You are a singer;[1]
So I want to sing a song for You.
Should You choose to listen, then rest assured
My throat is filled with Your tunes alone.
By singing for You, in my throat
No corruption can endure.

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