Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cruel fate?

(423)  Jhariya giyache phulera papari

The flower petals have all fallen,
And withered is the wreath.
In a woeful life, devoid of pollen,
What other song will I now sing?

On muladhara's[1] bejeweled dais,
You've come to take the torments of all.[2]
In my life befell the opposite;
Why You gave that, please tell the cause.

Merciful One, please explain such cruel fate;
My blossoming heart, why did it take?
Why, in my life endlessly,
Does a stream of tears fall from grief?
This complaint is no legal prosecution;
At once, kindly state the reason.

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  1. Sometimes for the aggrieved devotee, going quietly into the night is not an option.