Saturday, January 23, 2016


(429)  Sabar haite tumi apanar

You are the self of everybody,
And so I've loved You only.
I've got You in lieu of everything,
And I've embraced You wholeheartedly.

Wallowing in the dust is humanity;
It counts each second in hope of Thee.
Those who want naught but their all to give,
Their exuberant hearts are effusive.
All my hope and all my love,
With cupped palms full, I've brought.

In a rainbow-colored, faraway sky,
Lord, I've become friends with You.
By that splendrous hue my mind is dyed;
And my life spews into the formless.
Today, my soul is a fountain of ambrosia,
With its sound, I've become eloquent.

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