Sunday, April 17, 2022

Foreshortened, it was not enough

(2238)  Kena ele jadi jabe cale

Why did You appear if You would come and leave?
Such an arrival, it is not labeled so,
No, no, no.
Having observed a bit, purging memory,
Wasn't it an agony to go?

Many ages, they have passed in waiting;
A dam has got broken, mind's expectancy.
As You came, so forever please remain;
Myself don't forsake, torn by a bloom of hope.

At someplace are You not called an ocean of grace;
Coming close to me, did You forget the name?
Your high prestige and my wounded ego–
Among those two, please don't keep a hoax.

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  1. Your long-awaited coming, it went by far too quickly. In consequence, Your short visit, does it truly merit mention?